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    In 1991, we began publishing Neurological Fitness, the quarterly newsletter that reviews and analyzes current research in chiropractic as it applies to non-musculoskeletal situations. We've reviewed papers on general wellness and the enhancement of the individual's quality of life, as well as papers that have dealt with more specific and extremely diverse conditions, including PMS, otitis media, seizure disorders, immune suppression, and hearing deficit. Many of these cases have involved pediatric patients. Careful attention is always paid to the chiropractic paradigm as it applies to each paper.

    Now, those eight years are available in two fully indexed paperback volumes. We know you'll want to make them a permanent addition to your own library and perhaps to that of a friend or your town. Patients will also be interested in and educated by them.

    For those of you who have not yet seen Neurological Fitness, we invite you to read our sample issue.

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