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     When we opened this office in 1983, we knew we wanted it to be the kind of office we would select for our own care.  The doctors would be well-trained and involved in research, as well as well-read in their field.  They would be willing to answer our questions and be easy to talk to.  They would see us as individuals and respect us (and our time!)

     When suggestions were made for care, they would clearly be made with our, the patients', best interests in mind.  Practical solutions to problems would be sought and daily realities would be taken into consideration.

     Care would be delivered by the doctors and when we called, they would be available for us to speak to, even though they might not be immediately available.

     OK, we know a lot of people will tell you something very similar, but we really feel we've managed to develop, deliver and maintain the atmosphere listed above.  We hope when you're ready to seek chiropractic care, you'll decide to call 703-938-6441 and give us a try.  We think you'll be happy you did so.

See our Office Hours page for our current hours.

    Vienna Chiropractic is open 2-3 Saturday mornings per month from 9 am to 1 pm.

    We’ve done this to accommodate our patients’ long work hours, and we hope you’ll work with us to maximize the benefits of the extended Saturday hours:

  1. If possible, plan ahead. If you’re looking for a wellness check or have had a few glitches and problems, why not make your appointment before things escalate into an acute need. We can usually accommodate same day calls if you call early and are flexible as to time and doctor, but calling a few days earlier will help you get what you want more easily.

  2. Leave yourself enough time to get here. Traffic is at best unpredictable on Saturday. Between shoppers, errand runners and people going to put in a few hours at the shop or office, it often looks like we’re all on the road at the same time, with none of us moving.

  3. If you can’t make your prescheduled Saturday appointment, please call as early as possible to reschedule. This way, someone else can use that time slot. We reserve the right to charge for ignored appointments.

    Thanks for helping us put our Saturday hours to good use!

Telephone Call Backs

   If you call wanting to speak to one of the doctors, and it isn’t an emergency, please give the person answering the phone your current number, how long you will be there, the number you will be at later, and how late we can conscientiously call you back. We want to speak with you, but if it’s a very busy day, it may have to be after hours, so we’ll need that information.

    If you call during the day, and one of the doctors picks up the phone, please don’t be insulted if we can’t talk at the moment. We probably grabbed a phone that was ringing off the hook because the front desk is swamped, and there is someone waiting to get into the adjusting room. Your questions will be answered by the appropriate person.

    Last, but not least, if we ask you to call us in the evening or over the weekend, please do so. We’re trying to monitor your condition. If you’re having a problem, we can arrange to see you earlier than planned, or suggest additional home care to make you more comfortable. If you’re feeling great, we want to know that, too. If your call back to us is after regular hours, please leave a message so we know you called, and can get back to you if need be.

Star    Chiropractic Independence Days    Star

In an effort to make chiropractic care affordable to everyone, regardless of income or insurance coverage, we set aside selected Mondays as Chiropractic Independence Days.  These are also good days to introduce a friend or loved one to our services.  On Independence Day, your decision to get chiropractic care is independent of any financial or insurance considerations. We place a box on the front counter, into which you will place whatever amount you decide the care is worth, taking into consideration your ability to pay.

If you are unfamiliar with this unique public service, ask at the front desk for more information. Not surprisingly, Independence Day appointments fill in fast, so try to make yours well in advance.

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